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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The real truth behind SEO Experts

I believe thousands of people get scammed every year by so called SEO Experts. Why? Well, because they can’t distinguish lies from the steel cold truth. Because they are too credulous and there are lots of guys waiting to take advantage from it. And of course, because they want great results with as little expense as possible.
So, how can you distinguish the good SEO companies from the fake ones? Well, first of all, learn not to believe in any of the following stories, that the guys from Hobo-Web put together a couple of days ago. I’ll show you only some of the "best" replicas:
  • We cannot show you results for clients as it is 100% confidential - so i guess i should take your word for it, ay mate?
  • We KNOW how Google works – well, that surely make you unique. Cause i don’t and i don’t think anyone does, not even Matt Cuts… But hey, that’s just my opinion. You’re the big SEO Expert, you know better
  • Toolbar Page Rank Is Everything – Of course it is. And pigs fly. Oh no, wait, they don’t… That means there’s something wrong with your logic? Ironicaly, the PR myth is so deep-rooted. 90% of my clients ask me about it and demand a PR5+ for their site…
  • Submit To 75,000 Search Engines - Since Google, Yahoo and MSN have like 95% of the worldwide market, and you don’t even have to submit your site on them, what are all the other 74997 search engine submission worth? :P
  • We don’t rank for any “seo” terms because we don’t want to – or perhaps because you don’t know how to? Hmmm…
Anyway, clients like to see high figures, so you can’t really blame companies for giving them what they want, can you? But in the end, how can you be sure you won’t be duped when looking for the services of a SEO company? Well’ you can’t, but the risks should be minimal if you take these advices into consideration:
  • never sign a company that guarantees you results over night. Because we’re talking about a logical and longtime process that can’t happen over night, and which can’t always have the desired results
  • don’t fall for the big numbers: 50.000 search engines, 10.000 first positions in SERPs, thousands of visitors everyday, etc etc
  • try to work with companies/people recommended by your friends (or by many others on forums, groups, etc)
  • ask for previous work references
  • make sure you know what you are asking for and what are you expecting to obtain from a SEO company
That should be it. Now I’m going back to those Guides i told you in the beginning. If you have other tips and advices, feel free to leave them by.

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