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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Importance of Good web designing skills

In today’s world, it is very necessary to have a website for your business to provide information about your business products and services you offering. Website Design in India refers to creating presentations for the content for end-users interaction. Basically it refers to the job involved in building the front-end of the web page.

Website designing is a very important aspect while preparing a website because the overall presence of the website depends on the web designing done and it should be attractive enough to make extra impact on visitors. To achieve this, web designer or web developer should have technical skills as well as creativity in designing to design a website. Technical skills refer to having a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, Flash with good designing sense.

To know the basis of the website it is very necessary to have knowledge of HTML as it gives better understanding of how the web works so that the designs done are more effective. After HTML, another important thing is having a sound knowledge of CSS as it powers the design of website and determines that how the web page is going to look. If web designer don’t know CSS then they will not able to design website properly. Designers should also be aware of all the elements of designing as well as the basic designing principles.

The home page of the website should be self-explanatory and obvious enough to give a brief idea about your company as visitors need to make quick decisions that whether the website is useful for them or not. So to maintain the visitor’s attention at a very first glance is very important.

Other important things to be considered is your website should load quickly and not make visitors wait enough. If the designing and coding is poor then it can result to slow loading of the website. Website should be easily accessible to all the web browsers and the navigation area should be simple and clear which makes easy to use for visitors.

Content is king to sell the product or service thru your website. The website should have good relevant content which is beneficial for both – visitors as well as search engines. Images can also be used to understand and analyze the content easily as pictures can portray the whole content easily which will improve visitors ability to understand better about the content.

Background music and pop-up windows should be avoided while designing a website which creates a bad impression of your website and mostly irritates to the visitors. Continuous background music playing while browsing the website may not be pleasant for the visitor which may result that visitor either switches off the speakers or may just leaves the website. Pop-up windows used for advertisements breaks the patience of visitor and waste lot of time of visitor which again is not a good designing practice.

So Web Designing plays a very important role in reflecting your website and even good website designing is helpful from a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view. If a website is attractive then the visits on website will increase which will bring more business for the company.

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