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Friday, June 15, 2012

Would Your Personal Computer be ready for Windows 8?

Is Windows8 Microsoft’s answer to Apple? Is it really what you want for your computer instead of MAC? . The company has taken its existing Windows operating system, with all its strengths and all its problems, and parked it in a box it now calls Desktop adding a new touch-friendly, mobile, secure, operating system complete with its own app store.

It is now closer than ever to launching. The operating system is being shown off in release previews, users are able to test it and Microsoft Windows 8 is promising better and better experiences with each new launch. It’s clear that Microsoft believes Windows 8 is one of its most significant launches in an awfully long time. Furthermore, it’s apparent that the company’s loyal followers are just as excited to get their hands on the software giant’s latest creation.

A key component in Microsoft’s strategy is tablets. Windows has so far been left out of the tablet market, causing an immense amount of concern among Microsoft’s investors. What’s worse, the company’s vendor partners have continued to warm to Google’s Android platform, making some wonder if Windows’ chances of actually succeeding in the tablet market are far slimmer than one might expect.Microsoft has carefully avoided giving this a name, preferring that we should just think of it a Windows, but the new platform is called the Windows Runtime and the design style Metro. Metro is not, on the whole, something which Microsoft’s existing customers want. Windows 7 succeeded because it was unequivocally better than Windows Vista: faster, more reliable, and with useful innovations like its improved taskbar from which you can launch applications.

Everyone wants to try Windows 8 Consumer Preview. You have downloaded the software and installed it leaving just one task left: actually using the thing.

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview drops you in at the deep end. Unlike Windows of old, which has taught users how to handle the user interface with mouse tutorials and bouncing arrows, Windows 8 just dumps you at the lock screen. Swipe or drag that out the way, and you are faced with the brand new Start screen. This will be a bit of a shock to existing Windows users (which is to say, virtually every person on earth who has ever owned a computer), and getting to grips with the Windows 8 interface is going to require some effort.

Ever since we stepped into 2012, there have been predictions about how this year will be all about Windows 8. Almost half the year has passed, and we have seen Microsoft dish out the testing versions of Windows 8 in the form of the Windows Application Developer preview and Consumer preview. Today, the software giant put forth the Windows 8 Release preview, the final public rollout before the highly anticipated Windows edition hits store shelves.

So, the question arises - Is your PC ready to upgrade to Windows 8?

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