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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Facebook Apps at the bottom of the pyramid

Time has passed when people used to say: Facebook is for family and friends. Today, every business (regardless of its size) is using this massive social platform to engage the audience. While using Facebook to achieve your business goals, you can’t ever ignore the benefits of applications.

Facebook has recovered from the genre of being a mere social networking site. It is now a better platform for you to move on with the best internet marketing experience. This is really an effective online marketing tool and you can really finish up things in time. The developers of Facebook are trying hard to serve the business community in the best possible way. Through Facebook you can come to learn about all new companies and some of the most innovative products in line. Online the users can best talk about the items and in this way you can have a real time handling the products in style.

Nowadays, Facebook application is turning to be boon for business owners. Till now, Facebook application has been a huge success for Facebook. You will find numerous applications on Facebook, which includes games, photo editor, fun and many others. These applications not only create brand image of the business, but also increase the revenue.

Branding is very essential for any product or service. It becomes possible, when huge number of people know about your product or service. You can find million of active users on Facebook. With Facebook Application Development, you can get hold of these users and create a brand image. When you create brand image, it attract prospective clients, towards your business. This automatically increase you revenue. There more than 600 active users on Facebook and it is increasing the exponential rate. So it gives the opportunity to interact with more and more potential customer.

The marketing and promotion through Facebook, brings potential customers to you doorsteps, which can turns into good client. This would not only upgrade your monetary benefits but also build your brand reputation.

Facebook Application also has the capability, to increase traffic on your website. With Facebook application development, it becomes very increase visitor to your website. When you get feedback from users, it is indexed in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, which increases traffic on your website.

Communication is very essential for business. If become very for a business owner to communicate with clients over the Facebook, as it provides chatting feature also. Overall, it has all types of features, which if required for perfect marketplace.

Facebook now features over 550,000 applications. Many of these Facebook applications are aimed towards growing a business. Most of the applications are available to users at no cost. In addition, you can maximize the impact even more by developing your own apps depending on your specific business requirements.

The concept of a Facebook Application developer is an all-encompassing term; it can apply to a single person working in a cramped room or it can refer to a full equipped team of specialists working within a massive set-up. What really counts when it comes to setting apart the best from the rest is obviously the quality of work that a particular source of development can deliver. And this is where such things as coding standards, programming practices, and product life cycle management start mattering as much as front and User Interface functionality.

The nature of Facebook is that people socialize, and look at what other people are doing, which means that if your friends post that they are using certain applications or visiting certain sites, you know about it, and for most of us, that’s a good enough reason to check it out. Thats what’s called Grass roots marketing, and it works.

The average Internet User spends more time on Facebook than on Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Microsoft, Wikipedia and Amazon combined. That should tell you something. There is a big market to tap into, and should answer the question—why Facebook. Even if you think Facebook isn’t a useful tool for you, you can’t argue with the numbers when it comes to reaching potential customers.

Facebook as we all know is the most popular social networking site in the world, and with over 500 million members it a lucrative marketing ground for most marketers. Facebook provides a unique platform for application developers to create and promote their products online.

We can take the example of application developer Zynga who has gained a lot of popularity following the popularity of their gaming applications, FarmVille and Mafia Wars. Similarly there is a lot of budding developers who have either made their mark felt through Facebook or are in the process of doing so.

The unique and cost effective nature of marketing through a social media site makes Facebook a powerful instrument for small and medium sized businesses to take on large enterprises. With Facebook, application developers get more exposure than any other traditional medium. Moreover, tools provided by Facebook makes a unique platform for developers to effectively develop and promote their products.

However, there are certain things that should be kept in mind while developing and promoting application through Facebook, which includes: Analyzing Competition, Always go for a Unique Design, and Innovate and Engage Users.

Facebook is rather unique in how it is structured, and understanding this structure is critical to being able to build applications properly. You will save yourself a lot of frustration by reviewing the applications before you begin writing code.

In most websites or web applications, people type in a web address, and they connect directly to your web server, where your application handles the business logic, database interaction and any other work, and then gives web content back to the requesting user.

This is not the case with Facebook. With Facebook applications, users open up their web browsers to a Facebook web address (the “Canvas URL”), Facebook’s servers make a “behind the scenes” request to your web server (the “Callback URL”), your application then responds to Facebook’s request, and then, Facebook does the final markup and sends the web page content back to the user’s browser.

Facebook's service is designed to be simple and intuitive enough for everyone to use. However, some power users want more flexibility to customise their experience in ways that might be too complex for the general public. At TOPS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. we can create applications which will help individuals/organizations monitor and measure their social marketing efforts.

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