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Thursday, February 10, 2011

2011 Search Engine Optimization Strategies

If you are still learning about search engine optimization (SEO), you’re probably a little confused about the difference between on and off site SEO strategies. On the tactical site are of straight-forward for the beginner and are probably written the most. I thought I would write an entry and cover what I learned. This pool of knowledge comes from working with about 10 customers and 10 other personal websites over a period of 18 months.

To anyone with an SEO background, there are some basic tasks in SEO site that any webmaster, business owner or Internet Marketer must know. These include the following major components:

1) Title tags - The title tag in your HTML is the meta tag that tells the browser to display in the window title at the top of the screen. Because if this text is visible to the user, Google likes to rely heavily on this text as a clue to what your page is about. Accordingly, it is really important SEO strategy that your title tag be filled with words that are appropriate to the content of the web page. Also, you really do not want the same title tag on each page. This is not good for SEO. Instead, you want to have keyword phrases in your different title tags correctly identifying the theme of this particular page. Remember that you are trying to help the search engines easily digest your content. That’s basically what SEO is. You want to help in their understanding of what this page is really about.

2) The first H1 tag - Similar to the title tag, Google will focus on the text H1 first to appear on your page as a strong signal that the page is devoted. Use it wisely. Again, you want to place keyword phrases here that are thematically linked to that page information is conveying to the end users.

3) The name of the page itself - as you name your pages in your website, use plain English as much as possible for SEO. You will notice that WordPress uses this extensively in their blogging software. It is no coincidence and WordPress is considered the best blog for SEO. Will perform much better for SEO Why? Because it is a descriptive text in the long version of the name of the page that allows the search engine what the page is about. Many people have written about the issues around “links dirty and SEO (links including data system variables such as id = 22 in the example above). I think it is preferable that you can design your system without any variable data at all. It only takes away that issue SEO. And it is just easier for search engines. It is also easier for the end user. However, there no problem promoting through SEO pages with variable data in the links. I have done as well fly using SEO tactics without any problem. Search engines are smart enough now to manage through that data variables. Make sure your power is good English.

4) META keyword tag - This tag is used to get a ton of games for SEO, but it is now largely ignored by search engines. I think he fell into disgrace because of the manipulation and misuse. This is a tag that is not seen by the user, if unscrupulous webmasters abused him and he became less-and-less important for SEO. Real SEO tactics not to abuse or deceive. I still populate my keyword tags because I think they are still watching, but I do not think they are very critical. If nothing else, this is another instance of your keywords. They all help SEO.

5) Description meta tag - This tag is always useful, but probably more for Yahoo and MSN. As you go into that part of your website in any way to find a good reason, you might as well do this and motorized variable and make the appropriate description page. Again, it can not hurt SEO.

6) The density of words - This is very important for SEO. Keep in mind that search engines are computer programs that large digest your site and try to understand what it is. One of the simplest things they do is count all the words and look for patterns. They then calculate the percentages, or density, individual 1-word, word of 2 or 3 sentences of words found in your text. Looking at the keyword phrases most popular programs to understand the important themes of your page. If you observe your own writing on a specific topic, you can see the models as well. I do not recommend that you write only with the density of words in mind that this will result in a lower grade quality. However, I do not recommend you completely ignore the keyword density in the creation of your website. My preferred approach is to write the content for straight-up the first draft. Then, as you edit for grammar, consistency and clarity, also change the density. Run your content through a spell of density and see what phrases are most used. Make adjustments accordingly so that your themes up / keyword phrases are broadcast between 2-4% of the time. But do not do that since everything is as nature cons. You should always keep your audience in mind.

7) Outbound links - What your links page to questions in terms of both quality and quantity of links. As you build links to your page, be specific about where they go. Do not link to bad sites or bad neighborhood. Also watch your number of links. Generally, the less the better. However, having no outgoing links are not always good. I think Google uses your outbound links as a way to position your site in the large weaving that is the Internet. Often Google can have a good feeling about what your site is about just by looking at who you link. Again, choose wisely understanding these links they will actually affect your SEO.

8) High quality, original content - I should have put this first because it can not be stressed enough in the ranking. Your site must provide high quality and original content. You read this letter may be a hundred times as you referencing research. Content is king. And I firmly believe that this is true. If you are under the impression that the Internet is so big that search engines can not identify the contents as a truly unique, think again. An afternoon spent playing with CopyScape.com will convince you that there is technology available today that is able to say whether the sentences has been repeated all over the internet. It is astonishing, in fact, when you really think about it. Data volumes are simply outrageous. But if Copyscape can do it, I bet Google can do it too. And I firmly believe that your site receives a positive shock when Google determines that the content is original. Many people asked me if you use content that is repeated on other sites will penalize the site. I think the answer is no, you will not be penalized by Google (Copyright infringement is a completely different and very serious legal issue that I will not go into now). But I also believe that you will not get where you want to be using content that has high mileage. The other hot debate related to how the sites using duplicate content can actually rank higher than the site where the content originated. Yes - This has been empirically demonstrated a bunch of times. But you need not be too concerned about for reasons we’ll get into later. Just keep your eyes on the ball. Put in the time, energy and creativity it takes to create unique content and you will be rewarded. Plain and simple.

9) The amounts of content - a bit different from No. 8 is the question of how much content to put on your site for good SEO. I do not think there is a magic solution as unique as each site has a different purpose. But as far as SEO goes, I think generally the more the better (assuming you follow # 8). Give these hungry spiders much food for thought as you can. But let me also qualify that statement. You must ensure that your content does not stray too far from the central message of your site. If so, this may create confusion about what your site is really about. Tightly focused sites work much better than the more generic sites targeted. For example, a site selling used Valentine Gifts that uses appropriate SEO strategies will probably get a higher rank and faster than a more generalized site sells all types of gifts. This is a generic statement, and there are many exceptions, but it is a reasonable place to start your thinking about niches and themes.


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