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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Should You Blog ? Here Are 3 Things to Consider

Starting a blog is free. It can be too easy that you don't think about the risks honest before you do so. Don't waste your time on something that you can't possibly grow or profit from. Here are 3 simple things to believe if you want to start a money making blog.

1. Your passion

Are you obsessive about the topic you are going to blog? You should at least have some interests in the topic. Starting a blog to make money is just like other venture, you will find firm times.

What makes you go on is passion. Your passion will also get into everything that you do. If you are not paying attention in the topic, even the two hours per day you use up on the work seem like forever. You will do half-hearted job and the addressees will notice.

Passion will force you to take the extra mile. You will create better content and serve your audience better. Believe me, it makes a distinction in this world where everything is the same old same old.

2. Your knowledge

Do you have enough knowledge to write about the topic. Don't worry if you don't, as long as you are obsessive with the topic, you can always learn the topic in one week and without delay become expert in the topic, at least more than 90 percent of the people in the market.

Of course, you need to keep growing. If you are serious about it, go to the bookstore or Amazon and buy some books. You can also download ebooks and immerse yourself in the information.

3. Your resources

Do you have the time to do this? Blogging requires that you spend some time regularly, preferably daily, to produce and post content. If you don't have that kind of obligation, or if you are too busy with other projects, you should not overwhelm your timetable by starting a blog.

Hiring others to blog can be an option, but remember that the blogger represent yourself or your business. That may not be what you want if you are blogging about your business.

If you start a blog as an independent publishing endeavor, you want to make sure they are able to produce quality content and convey personality. Content in itself will not get you audience. Being valid and interesting is important.

And last, but not least, is that you need to be constant and dependable with your effort. As long as you move forward in the right direction, no matter how slow it is, you will reach the destination if you are persistent.

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