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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Google Search Engine Optimization Tips - TOP SEO INDIA

Tip #1 - Pay Attention to Page Titles 

First of all, you need to pay attention to page titles. Google does look at the page titles on your website. 

In some cases website editors merely give pages random titles such as "New Page" or "Page 

1." Whether you or your web designer builds your web pages make sure that important page titles are created. I strongly suggest that the all important keyword for any given page is built-in in the title also.

Tip #2 - Build Inbound Links 

Inbound links are very important to Google ranking. The more inbound links you have to your site, the better you are going to perform on Google rankings. If you don't have many inbound links to your site, you want to build them. Yahoo! and DMOZ (The Open Directory Project) and just two of many website directories that can help you build inbound link reliability once you list with them. I must tell you the theirs cost money but, there are free ones on the web - 'just Google it'.


Be wary of using submitter software that submits your website to hundreds or in some case thousands of free directories -- re: many of those directories are of poor quality. They usually have a accumulation of thousands of sites to review before they ever get to yours.

Tip #3 - Add Plenty of Content with Relevant Keywords 

Google also looks at the generally content on your site. This means for search engine optimization you need to have plenty of quality content that include relevant keywords. In real estate its location, location, location -- on the web it's content, content!

Don't try keyword stuffing to get better rankings - it won't work. In the good old days, many webmaster wannabes tried those tricks -- don't do it! 
In fact, trying to fool the SEs, especially Google, could boomerang because your site may get blacklisted.

Tip #4 - Develop Text Links with Your Web Page Keywords 

Developing links with keywords that are imbedded in your text links can also help you to optimize your site. In other words, get nearer up with creative ways to work your keywords into you text links. Google looks closely at the links that you have on your site. So, instead of just using plain language in a link, use keywords in your text links.


Ranking well with Google is an outstanding way to bring in more traffic to your web site. Of course in order to do this, Google search engine optimization is necessary. Optimizing your site for Google is not difficult and it may take some time -- but, it's well significance it.

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