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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Using Keywords for Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

Using keywords for SEO is very important. If you are trying to get ranked high in Google or other search engines you must know how to use keywords whether you are looking to improve organic rankings or you are using PPC. Search engines are all about relevancy and the more relevant your keywords are to the site you are using them on the better rankings you will get in search engines, generally referred to as SERP's.

Keywords for Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )
Google, like all other companies wants to offer the best product it can to it's customers. They do this by using their algorithms to determine relevancy for keywords. Look at it like answering questions, whether someone using Google is asking a literal question or they are just looking for something they are still at least indirectly asking a question.This person is most likely looking for just that, and so the "question" they want answered is show me some super Nintendo video games. Google's reply (in the form of search results) is what it best feels answers that question and so if YOU as the marketer using keywords for SEO can best provide an answer to that question in the form of what content is on your website you will get a high ranking for that search term.

Now the problem with above search term is that it's pretty vague right? So being specific is also very important. If the keyword somebody searched for was "I want to buy Mario Kart for SNES" and you sold mario kart for SNES on your website this would be extremely relevant and specific and you should consider using it. It should be noted though that if nobody is searching for the keywords you're targeting even if they are relevant it won't help you get any traffic. This is where using the Google keyword tool comes in handy.

the Google keyword tool is a great way to research keywords for your website. You can see results for how many searches a keyword is receiving as well as tons of other keywords that are similar to the one you searched for. There are also some tools that you will be able to find access to at the link below. One tool in particular allows you to see exactly how many other websites are using the exact keyword you are targeting. This can be very helpful for finding excellent keywords.

The bottom line with using keywords for SEO is that relevancy rules everything else. Regardless of the keywords you're using to promote your site it has to be relevant. Google and all other search engines will punish your site and put it deep in the SERP's if you are not relevant.


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