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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Social Bookmarking - Tips to Help Increase Your Chances for Success With StumbleUpon

If you want to see success with StumbleUpon, the famous social bookmarking community, you will need to put forth some effort into making it work. You can't expect to have your site stumbled and then receive tons of visitors right away. There are a few other tricks that could be employed to help you amplify your chances of increased traffic.

Social Bookmarking

People who come across your site may or may not want to stay and browse it thoroughly. We all know people are in a hurry, so you might only get a visitor for a few seconds, which won't be enough time for them to review and rate your site. Consider offering a free guide, report, newsletter or something to get them active and keep you on their minds. This will give you the chance to get them to come back to your site at a later time. They may then have more time to decide whether or not to rate your site with positive results.

Pay for StumbleUpon Ad Space

StumbleUpon offers you the chance to have your site advertised through them. This would cost you a few cents per person that is referred to your site by their advertising campaign. While you may not be interested in paying for traffic; you might want to consider this option. You would essentially be paying for the first handful of visitors that find your site through this paid advertising campaign. You don't want to pay for it on a long term basis however. The point is to get some people there first who will give it a good rating and then your site will naturally be exposed to other users.

Be Aware of the Ads You Have on Your Stumbled Pages

Yes, you want to drive loads more traffic to your site and of course, you want to increase more cash for your pocket. The point in stumbling your site is to get people to visit and rate it with a positive rating. If you lure them to a web page that has annoying banner ads or too many ads period they are more likely to be turned off. This would then mean that they could give you a bad rating, which doesn't help you much, especially if you choose to pay for advertising space. Too many ads can make it look like you're a spammer to your visitors.

Sell Your Site - Not Your Product

StumbleUpon is used to get more traffic to your site. The people that would rate your web pages with good results are ones that are looking for informative articles and other content. They are less likely to stumble a sales pitch. You will sell your products in the end, but don't try to use StumbleUpon as a sales proposal. You know how people feel about salesmen who bombard them when they're trying to decide on an item. If they're taken to your website expecting informative content and only see sales copy, you can expect them to click away and more than likely never come back.

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