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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Search Engine Optimization Notes: Google Ranking Factors

Not everyone involved in websites and online business truly understand that there are many different factors when it comes to determining where a website ranks in the Google search engine results. So it isn't a surprise if you can't seem to understand why your website ranks low as what causes it isn't always that obvious or that easy to detect.

Why it is essentially important to learn about as many factors as you can to determine how Google ranks sites can be quite obvious unless you would rather remain forever clueless and unmindful of why you aren't succeeding in your quest to getting that high ranking. It is important as this also becomes your gauge in correcting what needs be and support you in making those positive changes.

Google Ranking

Actually, if you consider knowing and understanding about the Google Ranking Factors, you will come to conclude that it is all about relevancy and your capacity to earn your visitors and Google's search engine trust through time.

Some things to consider being some of the most important Google SEO ranking factors include "Age of Domain" where it is important to determine the length of time you have worked on the domain bought. Being online longer essentially follows that your website is more established and thus earning trust is not as hard.

Where your site is hosted or the Domain Hosting can also play an important role in search ranking so always be sure that you are using a reputable hosting company. Your websites that are being housed by your server should also not be classified as spam or you will be negatively affected just the same.

Your URL structures ought to be clean just the same with no random strings of character at the end of your URL as this is also part of the on-site search engine optimization. Now, when it comes to content, keep in mind that it is important that you have text on all your important pages and make sure it's good text consisting of targeted keywords and one that is for "USER Consumption" most importantly and not just for search engine rankings.

The internal link structure is vital where you should be sure that inner pages are linked correctly giving visitors easy made pathways connecting to your other pages. As "trust" is a crucial component for Google ranking, add anything like a mailing address and the likes to establish the fact that your site is a trustworthy one.

Again, a good consideration should be given to keywords so make sure your website is optimized by using your keywords. Finally, keep your readers and visitors hooked and interested on your website and not just there for a few seconds of visit as this is not an addition to higher search engine ranking.

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