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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Search Engine Marketing - It's So Powerful!

Search Engine marketing online is a powerful form of advertising that allows individuals or companies to showcase their products or services on the internet. This form of marketing has become very important as a way of promoting business because it gives the advertiser a local reach and/or a global reach. With a few simple tools such as a website, an email address and an advertising plan, it is now potentially possible to reach millions of Internet users all over the globe.

Search Engine Marketing

Businesses are waking up to this reality, online marketing is gradually replacing traditional methods of marketing. Online marketing is cheaper and you can get more value for your money. A classified ad in a newspaper can only reach a restricted market, but that same money, put into online marketing, can reach a much larger market.

Many people turn to the internet to search for information on what they need. Companies like Google, MSN, Yahoo, and others saw the huge, potential market for this and created an avenue where web surfers could search for information from an aggregated source. Google upped the game when they began serving classified ad equivalents on the top and right side of their web search result pages, and thus pay-per-click (PPC) advertising was born.

In traditional advertising, classified ads do not usually serve up all the information that a potential customer would need on a particular product. That is why such ads usually include contact details such as a phone number where the potential buyer could call to make further inquiries. In the same vein, PPC ads cannot serve up all the information a web surfer would need. This is where a website address and/or an email address play a huge role.

A web surfer in Canada may not know the address of a website of a business located in say, Australia, but when they use a search engine, they have a high probability of finding a website that provides them with what they require. Studies have shown that search engines users rarely click beyond the first page to search for what they want, so a top 10 listing on search ranking, or a first page display for a PPC ad is most essential.

For a business to effectively market its products and/or services online, it needs to have the following in place:

A website that is appealing, clear and user-friendly. A site that loads quickly, is easy to navigate and if it has extensive products or information it should have a site search facility that enables visitors to quickly locate what they are looking for.
A strategic marketing plan for promoting its web presence to the consumer using strong online marketing techniques.

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