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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Google Ranking Master 2010 - Top SEO Contest in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Google Ranking Master Gujarat

SEO, it’s time to cheer up and have some heavy competition between all seo’s. No we are not talking about  Google Ranking Master 2010;  Top SEO Meet up Group is Announced  Google Ranking Master Contest 2010 for upcoming  Google Birthday Event in 19th September 2010.  All SEO in Ahmedabad and from Across the Gujarat May Participate and Win Prize

If you are ready to Join, Please check Following Rules and Regulation ;)

* You blog should get rank on first page on Google.Com for “Google Ranking Master Gujarat” keyword.

* Mentioned your name, email id, address and contact number at the end of posting. You are must  to Member of Top SEO Meetup Facebook Group and Subscribe your participation in Google Birthday Event 2010 Ahmedabad. ( http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/event.php?eid=136396503063785&ref=ts )

* Landing page should be your post, home page or any third party website – Your SEO Strategy Examine by our Admin Team Members.

* We allowed Content in the form of News, Articles, Reviews or Same Posting in the subject of Google Ranking Master 2010.

* You can use all White Hat Organic SEO Techniques / No Spamming Was Allowed

* We will not consider result of Top SEO Meetup Group Admin Team.

* The result should be by ORGANIC Search.

* If you already have post about this then edit and add our HTML content. (helps more if you are having good ranking already)

* Contest Starts from 23rd of August and End on 15th September 2010 – Our Team was Reviewed your posting and your marketing skill for Ranking and  Announcing 3 name at day of event.


* 1st Rank – Google Ranking Master 2010 Trophies  2 and 3 Ranking Getting Surprise Gift

* Chance to be a Google Ranking Expert for Year

* Google Ranking Master’s Name in Top SEO Meetup Group and News Release after Event.

* Appreciation from Industry people.

It is time to be SEO STAR as you are going to get GIFT in front of Industry Expert / Associates. So what are you waiting for? Start Rocking. If you have queries about contest Post your comment on our  Facebook Event Page - Google Birthday 2010 – Please send mail to Mr. Paavan Solanki at seo@targetseo.com  or Mr. Bhavin Bhavsar at info@treatseo.in

Please Join now http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/event.php?eid=136396503063785&ref=ts


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