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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What is the very high bid keyword

How do you decide between making sites for very high bid keyword
niches (cancer or whatever) that are extremely competitive for traffic vs
less competitive topic niches that have lower potential click fees?

A: I make sites for competitive niches and niches without much competition at all.

It’s much harder to profit with a site that has a lot of competition. So is what you
need to decide is:

1. Do you want to make money with a few sites.

2. Do you want to make money with a lot of site.

If you choose option one, you can go for the more competitive niches. They take
much more time and work, but you only have to have a few of them to make
good money.

If you choose option two, go for niches with little or no competition. You don’t
have to work as hard, but you have to build more sites to make money.

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