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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Search Engine Spider, What is It?

Everybody connected to the Web has heard the term “Search Engine Spider.” From its name, its not difficult to understand its nature in general, but let’s investigate it in a bit more detail. A Search Engine Spider (also known as “robot”, “crawler” and “worm”) is an integral component of Crawler-based Search engines as it separates them from another type of search engines – Human-powered. Crawler-based search engines observe websites with the help of special programs called “search engine spiders.” They surf the infinite space of the Internet looking for the recently created pages and for updates of the pages already indexed. Search Engine Spiders crawl their way through links both inside the site and between websites. If your site has no incoming links, the only way to invite the Search Engine Spider is to take advantage of suggestion the site by yourself; the majority Crawler-based search engines allow it.

The information gathered by Search Engine Spiders gets to the Index – the second element of Crawler-based search engines. Index is a huge knowledge box, concentrating the copies of all the pages found by Search Engine Spiders treated as relevant by Search Engine. However, don’t take for granted that if the page is found by Search Engine Spider, it will be indexed promptly.

The third element of every Crawler-based Search Engine is the software, which scans the Index and presents the consecutive list of the most relevant pages on your query. As Search Engine Spiders constantly surf the Web, they inform the Index about changes, which influences on the posterior ranking according to the cherished Algorithm.

Of course, every Search Engine has its own algorithm, and all Search Engine Spiders are tuned differently. However, if you desire to rank highly in Crawler-based search engines, just remember that the value will be given not by a man and that even the unsurpassed design will not be appreciated by impartial Search Engine Spider.

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