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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Search Engine Friendly Web Design

You must be wondering what these web design services do on the SEO website. This is true that search engine friendly website design is an essential element for online success. Search engine friendly design doesn’t refer to just an eye-catching website but other factors too play critical role in making a website design search engine friendly. These factors are quality of content, easy navigation, correct and comprehensive interlinking between different pages, well studded keywords in content as well as HTML part and user friendly interface.

Actually search engines send their spiders to visit every website for checking relevance of its content with its related industry. These spiders are kind of user programs which navigate on your website as per instructions given in the textual content. If the design of your website interacts well with these spiders and helps them to navigate to every single detail about the product/services you offer, then high rankings on search engines are not far away.

The purpose of search engine friendly web design

The concept is completely different from the old SEO in which embedding keywords in Meta tags and other content was enough. The search engine bots possess reading ability only. If your content is not informative enough about what you serve then keyword stuffing in Meta tags and content is useless which will de-motivate search bots to consider your website for rankings.

Search engines look for content written in natural language, precisely which is industry relevant and informative in nature. Keywords should be used so smartly that it can’t be detected for which purpose these have been used. Titles of navigation buttons and links on website are also part of textual content for search engine bots. It is necessary to keep these titles descriptive of what you offer and where the related information has been placed. Clarity and simplicity of design can do the needful in this matter.

Let’s see what else is required to make a web design search engine friendly:

Clarity in interlinking

Normally websites place links like ‘learn more’ or ‘click here’ in the end of content. This term ‘learn more’ doesn’t encourage the search engine spider to navigate that page. In fact ‘learn more about softball uniforms’ is more interactive and clear in its idea or one can use ‘click here for softball uniforms’. The interlinking should be descriptive of product or industry related keywords to enhance the keyword density in your website.

Design is appeal for link exchange

Being a SEO friendly web design doesn’t mean that design is not required to be attractive. A designer should be aware that this website has to bait links and its eye-catching design can make the job easy. An impressive and interactive website design always entices other websites to link to that website which is good for the success of the SEO campaign.

Smart use of Flash

With the changing trends in web designing, Google’s algorithms are developing simultaneously. Now search engine spiders are able to crawl through flash part of the website. Still if flash is used to a certain limit it is always beneficial for website’s rankings.

The four things to keep in mind regarding the usage of Flash are:

  • Avoid using flash for navigation bars.
  • Important content should never be embedded into flash.
  • Never place the entire site on one page.
  • Remember that flash is just the design element so it should be used to only support the content.

The role of CSS

CSS is the most efficient tool to improve the visual experience of your website. Google looks for only two things on your website, 1. Easy perception and 2. Intent of your website. Easy navigation buttons with comprehensive titles are enough to make the perception of website easier for search engine bots. The intent indicates the relevance of the content with your industry but it doesn’t mean that you have to stuff your website with keywords. If your website’s intent is to highlight some new special offers and this content is clear at first sight then your website can successfully please the search engines.

What SEM SEO offers?

SEMSEO’s web design wing has an expert team of experienced web designers who are well-versed with the necessities of search engine friendly web design. In every SEO plan, along with web analysis, your website’s design is also analyzed so that necessary modifications can be made to improve your web positioning. At SEMSEO, we also offer independent search engine friendly web design services too. Just fill up the form and let us know your requirements.

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