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Monday, October 12, 2009

Search Engine Friendly Sitemaps

Sitemaps and Why they are much Essential to our sites?

Importance of Search Engine Friendly Sitemaps

Most webmasters often see site maps as redundant and thus, by extension, useless. Though this may be true of you build just so that you have one, a sitemap is used for numerous purposes that are essential for a successful website. Thus the purpose of this writing: Highlighting of the importance of a sitemap, and how it can be constructed to meet your specific needs.


1. Purposes of navigation

Like any place in the world, people need maps for even the smallest sites out there today- websites especially. And the sitemap is an answer to that need: if a user ever can't find a page they had seen before, or get lost in your site (and your search function proves ineffective), then the sitemap acts as their guide. It provides a convenient, effective and highly efficient (thus conveying ease of use) method with which to surf your website.

2. How To Convey Site Theme

Most visitors want the "big picture" of a site in the first few seconds they are there. And that is where your sitemap comes in: A quick ten second glance with tell most visitors quickly what they want to know about your site, and if they want to stay there or not. If you save them time, the visitors will be highly appreciative. After all, if they don't find what they want quickly, they will find a site that will cater to them- and give them what they want.

3. Optimization of Site - In Search Engines and Design Purposes

A full sitemap contains a link to every page in your website- all on one single page. This makes it optimal for search engine web crawlers, which are what rank your site on their search engine. A site map allows almost daily updates to crawlers for additions to your site, thus increasing exposure to searchers. Not a page is missed! Besides being very convenient for users, the site map is thus placed on the front page of your website- so that every link is followed by search engine web crawlers, and categorized and accounted for in your placement on the search list.

4. Relevance to Organization

A quick overview is available to a site designer/content writer of a website with a full site map. Everything is organized, and sorted with relevance to a specific topic (and especially your overall theme). A quick glance at the sitemap will remind you of what you have finished, and what still needs to be done to improve your site.Sitemaps maps must be implemented for sites of the appropriate (large) size since they require a lot of work/maintenance. How else will your site get big? With the design in mind, plans in motion, and a site map in the works, one is almost assure success.

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