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Monday, October 12, 2009

How to Create a Sitemaps for Search Engines?

Learn quickly creation of sitemaps for Webistes

What is sitemaps?

A site map works much like a Table of Contents (see 'How to Add a Table of Contents to a Web Page'). Use a Site Map if you have a large site with many different pages and target links (see 'How to Add a Target Link to a Web Page'). This tutorial requires a basic knowledge of HTML (see 'How to Learn HTML') or a web design application (see 'How to Choose a Web Design Application').


7 easy way to create sitemap for webistes

1. Create a Site Map using a word-processing program or a sheet of paper. Be sure to include all pages and necessary target links.

2. Start a text-editing program, such as EditPad or Notepad. Open the page where the Site Map will be located, or create a new page for the Site Map.

3. Position the cursor at the insertion point.

4. Copy and paste the Site Map from the word-processing program, or type it in manually.

5. Link to each referenced page or target link using the command. Be sure to close the command with.

6. Save the page and preview it in a browser. Check all links to make sure they are valid.

7. Upload the page to your website and re-check the links.

Following points keep in mind while creating sitemaps

1. If you have a Table of Contents, navigation bar or buttons on your web site, be sure to update them to include the Site Map.

2. Some web design applications, such as Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver, have tutorials or built-in commands for creating a Site Map. Check your web design application's Help file for more information.

3. Visit the Site Map on your favorite sites for ideas on how to create and organize your site map.

4. Always verify your links and make sure the pages you are linking to are current.

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