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Monday, October 5, 2009

Golden Tips to Increase Your Adsense Earnings by Adsense Guru

What is the next job to do after joing adsense?
How to increase my earnings?
Every junior adsense publisher will search for the answers to above questions.It is natural because of their poor earnings from adsense.
We have to follow the great tips to increase our earnings. I have discussed the valuable tips to increase the adsense revenue. So apply them for your site or blog and generate more money from your website or blog.

The Golden tips are:
1) Select a top paying keyword to design the website.you have to select the keyword in such a way that it is related to your sites data.Use your top paying keyword in the Heading of your site and in the text.

2)Choose the keyword rich text to attract good ads on your page.

3)Optimize your website with different Adsense Optimization techniques that are available on net.

4)Blend you Adsense ads into your web pages

5)Use Google's Custom Channels for each of the ad units on your site

6)Optimize each page for adsense

7)Use the full allowance of ads available to you on each page

8) Maximize your success with other google products like downloading firefox with google tool bar etc.....

9)Submit articles to different free article sites .with this u get many back links

10)Start exchanging Links with Other Webmasters

11)Add a blog to your site and ping weblogs.com

12)Submit your blog address to different blog search sites and directories

13)Start creating RSS feeds for your site and submit the feed URLs to the major RSS feed directories online.

14)Become an active commenter and get back links from different blogs

15) follow other SEO Techniques to get more traffic

16)Submit your site or blog to different search engines.They crawl your site and index them to search engines.Then you get free traffic to your site

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  1. Thanks for sharing these valuable information.