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Monday, January 17, 2011

SEO Tips to Move to the Top - TOP SEO INDIA

To get to the first page of search engines may seem like a lot of hard work. But to hit the top 5 SERP position is even harder. The search engine optimization process used to reach the first page needs to be tweaked a little for the journey beyond.

The search engine's demand for unique content may just be the trick to do so. It is a fact that the more you contribute to the content of the search engine the more it rewards you. The following are some of the most effective SEO tips for a position in the top 5 ranking -

Optimize the Meta tag

As you know the Meta tag is important SEO factor for the site ranking as it is examined by the search engine. Hence optimization of this particular area give you better chances to reach higher. The content of the Meta tag should be fashioned in the pattern of the movement of the search engine spider i.e. top left to bottom right. Hence place the keywords effectively. It is a good practice to keep updating your Meta tags; this helps the spider to spot you sooner. Since you have made it to the first page you'd obviously know that stuffing of keywords only leads to the penalty zone.

Optimize Page titles

As it is easier for us to understand the content of a write up through the title, so is for the web spider. It is a known fact that the optimization of the title tag is the most important factors for a successful optimization of your website. The title which is located in the head section of the webpage in a few words describes the content of the page. Hence, featuring your keyword in this zone for e.g. 'SEO India' is definitely beneficial. SEO Tip: Avoid a title tag of more than 60 characters!

Link building

In the SEO game the more votes you get the more power you gain. Link building as you know is a very powerful SEO process of having more sites pointing at you or you could say, recommending as an effective resource to gain information. While deciding the rank of a site on the search result page, the search engine not only considers the relevancy of the page with the keywords but also takes into account the number of sites linking to your website. As you plan to move on in the ranking game, the competition will get tougher, hence the more links you build the better your chances are.

File naming structure

The style in which you name the file is very important. The search engines scan this to determine the relevancy of the page. For e.g. if you have a web page on Search Engine Marketing India and you do not choose or follow the procedure to name the file, the page could be named as webpage1.htm. In this case the spider will crawl over the page to determine the relevancy of the content, but it still weighs the file name as more important. Hence, it is advisable that you name the file as search-engine-marketing-India.com. This clearly informs the search engine that the content on this page is related to a Search Engine Marketing Agency, based out of India. SEO Tip-Consider separating the words with a dash (-) while naming the site. It is important you include the keyword in the file name for obvious reasons.

The above mentioned are just a few methods that definitely work. You need to understand that the journey to the top SERP position here on would be tougher as you meet the masters of the SEO game. To outsmart or rather "SEOsmart" them will take more time and effort but a consistent pace will fetch results.

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