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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Search Engine Optimization Method

The number one method to dominate the first page of Search engine results is to do more than your competitors is doing. You need a long term plan to dominate search engines result pages. It's difficult to give a definite method that search engines will use to determine who will be number one and who will not. The reason being Search engines Companies change upgrade their systems regularly and their algorithms are changed from time to time.

However, how high you rank depends on two major factors:

   1. On Page - What is found on your website and
   2. Off page - What other sites say about you by linking to your site.

Most search engines use "on page" factors to play 30% of ranking and "off page" factors takes the remaining 70%. The percents vary depending on how competitive a niche is. Sites with lots of direct affiliate links get a slap and do not rank as high as sites without direct affiliate links.

Nevertheless, for you to keep you search engine rankings high you have to make search engine optimization method an ongoing task as opposed to an event you outsource one and forget. The following steps are recommended from the beginning and on an ongoing basis:

Search Engine Optimization Method

* Web design - Do your site on a content management system, which will allow you to add more fresh content in future and an ongoing basis the easy way as opposed to a Static Site that will make you rely on a developer each time you want to add content.

* Link Building - make sure you get a standard Link Text with your primary keyword to link to the home page, and your Secondary keywords to link to other pages on your site.

* Article marketing - Write irresistible articles that will make other web masters want to link to you. One way links gets you more value than link exchanges.

* Comment on blogs - using you link to comment on blogs gives you a score on your search engine score rating.

* Social Bookmarking - share articles from your site on social Bookmarking sites like Digg and StumbleUpon. This way you site will be discovered by more people and even make them want to link to back to you from their site.

* Social Network Sites - Share contents on your site on social networks like Facebook and MySpace. This increases the number of links to your site.

In conclusion, keep on doing something that will affect positively your on page and off page factors as shown above.


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