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Friday, October 8, 2010

How to make a profit by running a website ?

There are many different reasons why websites are created. They can be created as a means of promoting a business or other organisation, they can be created by a government body or tourist agency as a means of providing public service information, or they can even be created by individualsa who are seeking to develop a niche for themselves in the world of Internet marketing. Whatever the reason for creating a website, there are several ways from which it is possible to make money and show a significant profit from the process.

There are certain costs which are likely to be associated both with the creation and the hosting of a traditional website. The initial costs may very well be determined by the technical knowledge of the Webmaster and whether it is necessary to pay a third party to develop the website. Although this cost is likely to be a one off in terms of its initial scale, it is important to determine what charges will be levied for any future updates which are likely to be required, as every expense will require to be taken in to account when considering a likely profit margin. In a similar sense, what is likely to be a monthly charge for domain hosting on the Web should be factored in to this equation.

It is important to make full price and service comparisons when considering the costs of setting up and maintaining a website and thus very often well worth taking account of the services afforded by Web 2.0 hosting platforms, such as Squidoo and Hub Pages. While certain professional organisations may not wish to avail themselves of these wholly free services, individuals and small businesses could in theory eliminate all set up and servicing costs and very effectively maintain an exceptionally profitable website via this method.

When the costs of the website have been attended to, how the website is to generate revenue has to be considered. The first item to be looked at is Google Adsense, as it is virtually maintenance free when it has been set up and can begin generating revenue from the site within a matter of hours. An application should be made to Google via the Adsense website and Google’s instructions followed thereafter. It should be noted here that Web 2.0 service Squidoo operates a pooled Adsense revenue programme and this direct option will not be available.

Selling affiliate marketing products from a website can also generate high levels of revenue where the website is sufficiently focused in subject nature and the right products can be found. Success in this respect means choosing only a few very relevant products and pitching them to site visitors in such a fashion as to make their purchase seem extremely attractive and beneficial.

Making a profit by running a website is not only possible in a direct sense but also very much in an indirect fashion. This profitable feature is most likely to apply to businesses, where the popularity of the website is used to drive traffic to offline premises, or even other locations around the Web where products and services are available for purchase. This is where running a blog in conjunction with a website can prove highly beneficial.

In order to make a profit in any sense whatsoever, a website will require to receive sufficient levels of targeted Internet traffic. This means that considerable effort will have to be expended upon learning about the many aspects of SEO and putting each of them in to practice on an ongoing basis. This is also a service which can be provided by a third party but as costs are very often high, careful research and self-education could considerably increase the overall profitability of the website.


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