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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Google Top Ranking

“Every website owner has a dream to be number one in major search engines. Nobody wants to lose everybody wants to win. Getting top ten in Google is an achievement for a website in terms of marketing and enhancing their ROI.”

Google Optimizing Solution

Many of our customers told us to develop a Google oriented promotion services that are build taking the Google algorithms in high demand and the changing trends of Google search results.

Here we come with our tailored services only for Google search engines. We have the suit that is designed only for Google and made it as easy as possible to perform various onsite and offsite optimization.


Both onpage and offpage optimization are equally important to obtain best results in Google. Nevertheless, as we have stated changes due occur with what Google sees as being more important at any given time. So here's what we've come up with to make it as easy as possible to always be on top of any changes in Google.

* We start by making an intuitive site.
* Concentrate on a niche and its wide importance
* We use keywords for targeted audience and include those on your pages.
* We keep a copy of the optimized page.
* We send you the optimized page to be published to your website.
* Make a site map so that it's easy to get to all your pages.
* Use a text browser like lynx to explore your site and make sure you can get to all your pages.
* We will launch different marketing campaigns like email, viral, internet and other SEM campaigns.
* We copy the page that you want to optimize for.
* We make the changes needed to optimize for Google today.

When we find out there is to be a change and what the change is, we update your copy of the previously optimized web and then send you the newly update page to be published.

Through our Google SEO suit - never worry about changes in Google having a major affect on your rankings.

Concentrate on you visitors and have a Good Google Search Engine Optimization company that looks at over 100 items to ensure Google analyses on web pages to enhance your ROI:

We provide you with all necessary support for your Email campaign:

* Keywords and phrases in Title Tag
* Keywords and phrases in links
* Keywords and phrases in Headings
* Words in Bold
* More weight is given to first 25 words of text on a page
* Keywords and phrases in URL
* Having more than 200 words on a page helps
* Phrases used to describe pictures.
* DMOZ listing, PageRank, Back Links
* Social media marketing
* SEM Services
* Content optimization
* Alt tags and image optimization
* Website SEO analysis
* Link building and web analysis

Note : Google may also penalize for having too much repetition too much keyword, unauthorized links coming to your website and other black hat practices leads to your website. If you create more black hat operations as a "trick” then Google makes no chance to get you out without trouble, you may penalized by Google. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a good SEO company that follows good practices.

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